Personal Experiences

Q: What are some of the personal experiences of receiving Grace and growing to Enlightenment?

"Receiving Grace from an Enlightened Master has enabled me to experience "being myself" in the sense that I feel once again the magic and the wonder of life, as well as the curiosity and sense of freedom, that I had as a young child. Gaining freedom from mental boundaries and from old ego centric ways of being in the world has enabled me to just be myself, in a lighter, more peaceful and joyous way."

"Infusions of Grace naturally break down years of restrictive mental conditioning and move us beyond the mind to the deeper reality within, in a completely effortless way. Grace brings with it a cleansing, healing quality, and brings an awareness of unconscious patterns even as it clears them away. This process creates a spaciousness inside, a lively, compassionate place where we can hold all things in the loving embrace of our awareness, and to appreciate the oneness that we all share."

"For me, living an enlightened life is analogous to changing from watching a black and white movie to one done in full color; there's more color, dimension, richness and light everywhere! There is also an "all is well" feeling which underlies my experience, allowing me to remain balanced and optimistic in the face of life's challenges."

"I now feel an authenticity and ease which I've never experienced before. Grace has broken down the blocks to true loving communion, creating a judgment free place where loved ones can speak comfortably and honestly and be heard with an open heart, and where peace, love and joy can flourish."

"In my professional life, Grace has created a lively space for clarity and mutual understanding, in which the highest and best outcome can unfold. Everything gets done without our really having to do anything, and elegant solutions can arise in ways we'd never even dreamed of!"

"Gaining Enlightenment through Grace has given me a chance to be a blessing to the world, furthering the mission of Radiant Spirit. Now I can make a contribution to world peace and can help to bring about a better world simply by being in it!"

"Everyone we come into contact with is touched somehow by our presence and are affected by the authenticity, compassion and positivity that we emanate, whether they are conscious of it or not. Our positive influence is based not so much on what we do, but on what we are."

"We bless the world by being Enlightened, and render loving service to the world and to the greater good through compassionate, loving thoughts and actions."  

"With work or projects, once I focus my thoughts on something, the creative flow for expression and creation is so much greater than before - as though I've tapped into a well of possibilities that I wouldn't have been able to see prior."

"With relationships … those that are still aligned to be in my life, I see growing on their own accord. Becoming lighter and brighter. Others have come into my life who resonate with me on a more deeply spiritual level and are aware in a way where the normal back and forth projection that happens in unenlightened relationships, is either not there or caught before projected … and then washes away quickly."

Q: What are some of the transformations one experiences while moving toward Enlightenment?

A:  Along with other signposts which will be addressed separately, there is a certain component of spiritual awakening that is sometimes overlooked.This component has to do with the energy system of the body.  Awakening brings many different transformations to the person. You are waking up from the person you were, and you are at the same time being transformed into something new.  A profound re-structuring is occurring which impacts the person on many levels.

A type of re-wiring occurs in the mind on the mental level, and there is a re-wiring of how we feel and perceive on an emotional level. There is also a deep change which takes place in the way our material and subtle bodies flow, move, run and experience energy.

Before there can be new creation, and maintenance of a new state of awareness, there must be destruction. As one's being is flooded with Grace, the old structures and limitations are swept away.  This is all a natural process.  It may take some time for the internal mechanisms –the mind, the body and the subtle body--to adapt to the new levels of energy the infusion of Grace has released.

Some people experience changes in their energy systems while growing towards enlightenment and some may continue after that milestone has been reached. For some people, this change is subtle; for others it's very pronounced.  What's happening is that the whole energy system of the body is being reconfigured.  It's re-aligning itself, coming into a brand new state of harmony.

One may notice an increased stillness in the mind, enhanced mental clarity or an increased appreciation for the world through the senses.  Alternately, a person might experience some cloudiness or heaviness, or they may have days of bright, abundant energy followed by a slower cycle of change for a while.

Some people cruise through the process in a uniform, completely easy way. It depends on the individual. The important thing to remember is that all is well. All we need do is relax and let the spiritual unfolding happen.