Most of the resources needed to carry on our work are supplied from our funds. We welcome whatever you choose to give, either as a general donation, or targeted in one of the funds listed below. Many people who have found value in what we are bringing to the world have included us in their wills, or as beneficiaries in their annuities or life insurance.

 Forever Radiant Fund
This fund is aimed at expanding and supporting activities that make a clear visible difference in the world; such as producing mass communications material, running of courses, training of Radiant Masters, and establishment of Radiant Centers. By contributing to this fund you are ensuring that Radiant Spirit's Grace will have a presence in the world for many generations to come.

 Global Perfection Fund
This fund works to support a group of Radiant Masters who have the unique ability to directly create positive trends in world events through consciousness alone. They spend their time silently removing obstacles to the world's evolution, enlivening positive possibilities in the behavior of countries and groups, as well as purifying negative events before they even begin to arise.