About Radiant Spirit and Enlightenment

Radiant Spirit is a worldwide organization dedicated to bringing Infinite Spiritual Fullness of life to everyone in the world by developing higher states of consciousness. Through the Grace of fully Enlightened Radiant Masters we are able to directly enliven Infinite Spirit within people and communities to transform their lives to the level of full enlightenment, which gives people the ability to create the ideal life they desire.

Enlightenment can be defined as living the full potential of a person's life; ranging from silent, infinite awareness to the joy of its' expression into all levels of creation. Living enlightenment means that you directly experience yourself as pure, silent, timeless, unbounded awareness, while also experiencing the world as this same pure, unbounded awareness … you are unified with creation at the level of Pure Spirit. The result is an overflowing Creativity of Life from it's source bringing complete fulfillment to your heart, mind, body and relationships. One then has greatest possible clarity of thought, fullness of loving emotions, joyfullness, optimal phyical health, and balance on all levels.. This is our natural state of being ... how all life is meant to be lived. This has nothing to do with belief, religion, or philosophy. There are no techniques to practice or lifestyle to adopt. Living enlightenment is a direct experience.

One gains enlightenment spontaneously by orienting toward Radiant Masters, who are fully spiritually realized, enlightened masters who are established at the level of Omnipresent Consciousness. Since their Omnipresent Souls are everywhere their Grace can be given at a distance without direct contact. Indeed, the main role of Radiant Spirit is to bring enlightenment to all parts of the world silently, without having direct contact with the billions of people on our planet.

 Our Programs and Mission
We offer a range of programs to make Grace available: focusing on giving Grace silently through Omnipresent Consciousness alone, without direct contact. We also have some programs, available for a select few, for whom it's appropriate to structure one-on-one contact with a Radiant Master. Our mission has four main goals; Making Radiant Masters who can give Grace to the world, Creating Mass Media materials to reach the billions of people that share our precious Earth, Maintaining a Radiant Center to provide a place for in-person meetings and joyful group gatherings, and Creating an Enlightened Community to share in our mission of being in Loving Service to the World. Our funding comes primarily through the donations of inspired people from around the world.

 Our Vision
To develop the full potential of our planet by enlivening Infinite Spirit within individuals and communities, spontaneously expressing infinite ullness through all aspects of life. This will bring a world of love, peace, achievement, kindness, cooperation, and joy. This is a natural process, now that Infinite Spirit is fully enlivened in a growing group of people who have dedicated themselves to this unfolding. When all our world's people realize their full potential, the full potential of our planet will be realized as well. What remains is for you to open yourself to this Grace and enjoy the growth! More details about Radiant Spirit are found by clicking on Overview.