About The Program
The Spiritual Enlivenment ProgramSM from Radiant Spirit International is a balanced combination of both infinitely expanded spiritual experience, along with profound knowledge of the nature of consciousness, along with personal guidance. The basis of the program is naturally enlivening pure infinite spirit within you by connecting you with an omnipresent source of lively spiritual creativity. This spontaneously results in a growing sense of fullness, well being, and love on all levels of your being ... leading to a life lived in happiness and full Enlightenment. It is not a philosophy, not a religion, has no techniques to learn, and is compatible with any lifestyle.

becoming enlightened - higher state of consciousness How It Works
You expand in both experience and understanding by receiving Grace from a Radiant MasterTM who is already living life at the level of Omnipresent Consciousness. Because a Radiant Master’s soul is omnipresent he has the natural ability to infuse everything he sees, touches, writes and speaks with Grace. It is Grace which effortlessly dissolves internal blocks within you, and naturally raises you to the level of infinite spirit. When you orient toward your Radiant Mastertm with an open heart and an attitude of receiving his Omnipresent Being, this automatically enlivens infinite spiritual creativity from within you.

The program consists of regular sessions with a Radiant Master, and all you need do is receive their Grace with an open heart. This automatically enlivens infinite spiritual creativity from within you, which then produces great benefits on the level of your heart, personality and body. During this program you will receive Grace from your Radiant Master during sessions and from time to time between sessions when your Radiant Master puts his attention on you. And you, between sessions, can infuse yourself with Grace when you orient toward your Radiant Master with an open heart and an attitude of receiving his Omnipresent Being. Again, this automatically enlivens infinite spiritual creativity from within you, which is how the benefits are gained.

You will also be given specific, personal guidance to help you understand and maximize the unfolding of this infinite spiritual creativity. Your Radiant Master will answer any questions that arise relating to your growth to enlightenment, and he will provide practical insight based on his experience of living an enlightened life, as well as what other students have found to be valuable as they grow.

And each session includes a discussion on a specific topic to help you gain a deep understanding of the mechanics of personal growth to enlightenment, as well as deep insights into the true nature of Reality as experienced from a fully enlightened Radiant Master. You will be given a student’s course manual with printed information about how to maximize your growth, as well as outlines of each of the topics covered in each session. These printed materials not only serve as a valuable reference to the intellectual understanding laid out in the program, but the materials also contain Grace, so that reading them outside of the sessions also has the enlivening effect that comes from levels of enlightenment - unity consciousness - christ consciousness - cosmic consciousness diagramGrace.

The core block session topics are:

  • Orientation: Getting In Tune With The Program.
  • Growth Through Change: How Change Becomes a Blessing.
  • Understanding Your Spiritual Nature: Finding You in the Universe, and the Universe in You.
  • Infinity Unfolding: The Growth of Synchronistic Fullness in Your Life.
  • Living Enlightenment: What it’s Like to Live an Infinite Life.
  • Stepping Fully Into Infinity: The Stages of Enlightenment
  • Your Role in the World and Your Continuing Growth Program: How to Keep Infinity Growing.

The first advanced block session topics are:

  • Refreshing the Foundation of Our Understanding Based on Experience.
  • What is Love: Living Both the Active and Silent Levels of Love.
  • The Joy and Purpose of Relationships: The Fundamental Principles of Fulfilling Relationships.
  • Your True Identity: Releasing Your Infinite Self from the boundaries of Creation.
  • Expressing Pure Intuition: The Practical Use of Intuition in Everyday Life.
  • Living Unlimited Possibilities in an Unenlightened World: How Infinite Creativity Unfolds to Create Your Life.
  • The Consciousness of the Planet: How Our Enlightenment Affects the Growth and Fulfillment of Everyone.
Experience of A Radiant Student:
"During the session I was in a deep state. I could feel boundaries dissolving away and expansion of my being. I was moving toward infinity. It was all very natural and thoroughly enjoyable. I found myself in a state of whole body transcendence. Every cell of my being was vibrating pure energy. I felt that Spirit had moved in to fully occupy the physical.

After the session I was charged, as if Infinity had given a jump-start to my soul. For a couple of days I experienced an expansion and a great clarity of awareness. This would silently slip away and return again many times. Along with this awareness I felt waves of delight and fullness emanating from my heart area. I have been a seeker (meditator) for many years, but the Spiritual Enlivenment Program has brought me the most fulfilling spiritual experience I've ever had!" -- Jack Koenen D.C

 The Specifics
The Spiritual Enlivenment Program consists of a 12 or 24 week block, composed of 7 or 14 sessions lasting 1 1/2 hour each. Each block includes:

An initial orientation and Enlivenment session. This includes discussion on how the program works, how to gain the most from it, and what to expect. Every session includes Enlivenment of Grace, which is both active and quiet. During Active Enlivenment your Radiant Master will answer any questions about your personal experiences, and give you understanding of what will be unfolding in the next steps of your growth. They will also cover profound knowledge and practical insights about the true nature of you, the universe, and higher states of consciouness. During Quiet Enlivenment you lie on your back while your Radiant Master works quietly by focusing his attention on areas within your soul, enlivening infinite spirit within you.

spiritual awakening program - enlightened mastersSessions continue every two weeks for the remainder of the block. If meeting in-person for any of the sessions is not convenient we can conduct sessions by phone which are similar to the in-person sessions. Even Quiet Enlivenment is done over the phone, but for a shorter length of time.

The block ends with a concluding session in which we cover any general understanding and guidelines that will help you continue your growth in the coming months and years.

The program also includes up to one hour per month of additional personal guidance as needed, by phone, to answer questions about your growth and to help insure smoothness and ease as infinite spirit unfolds in your life.

You also become a lifetime member of the Radiant Spirit Spiritual Enlivenment Programsm which will enable you to receive member benefits at no charge when they are offered, such as Continuing Enlivenment Group Meetings.

 The Requirements
Application. This involves a short consultation with a Radiant Master so they can determine if it is appropriate to accept you as a student. An open heart and a willingness to accept the changes that come with growth are the essential factors.

Time. You need to be willing to put aside 1 1/2 hours every other week on a regular basis for the sessions. Also very important are five minutes additional time each week to fill out an experience form, as well as some quiet moments each week to silently orient toward your Radiant Master.

Cost. We are fully committed to bringing infinite spiritual Enlivenment to the world by supporting Radiant Masters, creating audio/video/print materials, maintaining a facility for in-person meeetings, as well as maintaining a web site so that the entire world can benefit from Radiant Masters' Grace. To fund this effort, the fees for each block of the program are: 12 weeks: $2,100.00, and 24 weeks: $4,200.00, payable in full at the time of your orientation. If the 24 week option is chosen, then each lesson will be covered for two sessions. This allows you to gain more depth in the knowledge of each lesson, as well as having time to consider each lesson and then come back with more questions about that lesson before moving onto the points of the next lesson. This course may be taken entirely over the phone for those who cannot attend in person sessions. (When taking this course by phone subtract 10% from the above course fee).